Soft and flexible, with no rigid edges to damage crew or rigging, the CT SnuffAir can be deflated between hoists and stowed away down a fore-hatch or inside a spinnaker bag.  The space-saving benefits, manoeuvrability and improved crew safety make the CT SnuffAir a must-have for yachts over 60ft. [Patent 2396218, US Patent 9254903]

Key Features of CT SnuffAir [Patent 2396218, US Patent 9254903]

  • An inflatable spinnaker retrieval system for yachts 60ft and upwards
  • Consists of a strong bladder inside a chafe-guard, with optional spinnaker sock
  • Inflatable bladder is supplied with an inflation valve and pressure relief valve
  • Attaches to the spinnaker sock with strong zips
  • Spinnaker sock is supplied with a control-line pocket made from material with excellent heat resistant properties
  • Available as a complete system (including spinnaker sock) or can be retro-fitted to an existing spinnaker sock

CT SnuffAir advantages over a solid hoop or “bucket”

  • deflates quickly and can be dropped down the fore hatch
  • no restrictions on hatch size
  • significant space saving below deck, when deflated and packed away
  • safe to operate, as release valve prevents over inflating
  • compatible with existing on-board inflation systems
  • no hard edges swinging above deck so improved crew safety and less potential for damage to mast, rig, spinnaker, paintwork, deck gear and equipment aloft
  • chafe-guard provides a slippery surface for hoisting and dropping the spinnaker
  • light and easy to use, easier to manage on deck when handling the spinnaker


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